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Welcome to the new website for WNKC AM 1620 in Covington, Kentucky.  

WNKC AM is a legal, unlicensed Part 15 AM radio station authorized by the Federal Communications Commission to broadcast with one tenth of one watt of power with a small antenna.  WNKC AM replaces the former WIMP AM and its Smooth Jazz format with a Talk format.  

The majority of our shows are being aried from the Genesesis Communications Network (GCN).  We'll tweak the program schedule in the months ahead and may add and delete a couple of existing shows.  We'll publish the hourly program schedule here on the site within a couple of weeks.

In the near future we'll insert the local weather forecasts into our daily broadcast schedule as  a service to the local listeners.  Please visit the site for future updates.

The Latest Station News

September 20, 2020.  

Another problem has cropped up in the audio chain that I am addressing.  The introduction of the Echo Box (living up to its name) has somehow created an echo in the audio from audio feed from GCN.  However this echo is not found on the other audio sources used including .wav or mp3 files that air on the station.  

At the moment I have been able to minimize the problem by introducing a second computer for the Stereo Tool audio processor vs. using a single computer for both autiomation and processing.  However I am unable to use the best audio processing settings now with the new audio chain.  For some reason only the AM settings will work whereas in the past FM settings would also work in in some cases, they sound better than the AM settings.  

We'll continue to work on this and hope to have it fixed soon.  In the meantime at least most of the echo is gone but an average AM processing setting has to be used instead of one the FM settings.

More News

September 13, 2020.

I've finally got the GCN hardware properly integrated with the WNKC automation software.  You will now note that dead air is not all that common unless a dropout from our internet feed causes the silence.  Weve' finally been able to fully integrate the Public Service Announcements into the mix and we'll be adding local weather forecasts in a few weeks.

I'l continue to tweak the software to insure a better listening experience by more tight integration of the shows with our own audio files in the automation system.

Still More News

September 13, 2020.

You will find a complete schedule of our shows on the site by tonight.  Also, please note the CEO Show now airs Sunday's at 11:05 AM and Jim Campbell's Show now airs at 11:05 AM on Saturdays.

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