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Welcome to the new website for WNKC AM 1620 in Covington, Kentucky.  

WNKC AM is a legal, unlicensed Part 15 AM radio station authorized by the Federal Communications Commission to broadcast with one tenth of one watt of power with a small antenna.  WNKC AM replaces the former WIMP AM and its Smooth Jazz format with a Talk format.  

The majority of our shows are being aired from the Genesesis Communications Network (GCN).  We'll tweak the program schedule in the months ahead and may add and delete a couple of existing shows.  We'll publish the hourly program schedule here on the site within a couple of weeks.

In the near future we'll insert the local weather forecasts into our daily broadcast schedule as  a service to the local listeners.  Please visit the site for future updates.

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The Latest Station News

March 25, 2021

The Jim Campbell Show is now airing at 12:05 AM to 1 AM Saturday morning.  The Smooth Jazz music that previously aired will begin to air on the new music station when it hits the air sometime in April.  The Jim Campbell Show can still be heard at its regularly scheduled time at 11:05 AM every Saturday morning.

More News

March 25, 2021

The new music station will be on the air before the end of April.  AM 1580 will air an Adult Contemporary Oldies format with music that charted from the early 1960's through 1999.  Also light rock and Easy Listening music from that era will  be a part of the main playlist.

Oldies Hits from 1955 to 1976 will air every Saturday from 5:05 AM until 6 PM.  Smooth Jazz will air from 6:05 PM until 5 AM.  

News from Feature Story News Network will air every hour on the hour during weekedays.  On the weekend, their weekly news review will air in place of the network news until Monday morning.

The Station Call Letters will be announced sometime in April.

Still More News

March 25, 2020

The weather station that provides our current conditions appears to be working fine again.  No lengthy service outages have occurred in the last couple of months.