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12 MN to 1 AM          

1 AM to 4 AM          

4 AM to 6 AM          

6 AM to 9 AM          

9 AM to Noon          

Noon to 1 PM          

1 PM to 2 PM          

2 PM to 3 PM          

3 PM to 5 PM          

5 PM to 7 PM          

7 PM  to 9 PM          

9 PM to 11 PM          

11 PM to 12 MN          

          Sons Of Liberty

          Classic Radio Theater

          The Paracast

          The Paul Parent Garden Club

          Dr. Bob Martin Show

          Live Your True Life Perspectives (delay)

          Jim Campbell Business Talk

          The CEO Show (delay)

          Flow Of Wisdom

          Auto World

          Dining Out With Bruce Newberry

          Alex Jones Show (delay)

          The Bright Side (delay)

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