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●  January 23, 2023 Our over the air signal on AM 1700 is currently off the air.  The internet stream of the station will continue to play until we secure a new location for our over the air signal.

●  December 24, 2022 Dining Out with Bruce Newberry has now been replaced by Business Talk with Jim Campbell at 12 MN Saturday morning and with The Frankie Boyer Show Sunday evening at 7 PM.

●  October 25, 2022 Dining Out with Bruce Newberry can now be heard on Saturday at 12 Midnight in addition to Sunday evening at 7 PM.  Jim Campbell Business Talk can now be heard Sunday evening at 7 PM in addition to Sunday afternoon at 1 PM.

●  September 5, 2022 The station had some issues with its live stream recently and also the live network feeds from GCN.  These problems now seem to be resolved and our shows are now heard with minimal downtime.  At times you will still hear some audio breakup or dead air due to the network live feed having an issue.  The problem is not with the WNKC station infrastructure or equipment.

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