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●  July 10, 2022 The station is now operating on a fully solar powered backup generator to insure that WNKC can stay on the air during power outages.  In addition, by operating the station off grid, we reduce the amount of potential harmful noise in our audio chain to be passed on to the listeners.And our new live stream is now working and will allow listeners around the USA to listen to WNKC..

June 30, 2022  Over  the 4th of July weekend WNKC will be off the air for a few hours at intermittent intervals while upgrades to the equipment are made.  Also, I will attempt to get the station broadcasting a live internet stream over the holiday as well.  Check the WNKC Station News page for details on Monday July 4 to see if the streaming installion is a success.

●  May 30, 2022   WNKC AM 1700 is now on the air.  We hope you will enjoy the stimulating talk and information that you hear on this station.  Most of the shows aired on this station are not heard anywhere else in this region.  USA Radio Network News is aired at the top and bottom of every hour .  In addition some short features and Public Service Announcements air on a daily basis.

●  April 28, 2022   It should be noted that WNKC is a hobby station at present while I concentrate on finding employment in Hartford City and while I pay off my remaning personal debt.  I believe it will take a year to just about wipe out my remaining debt which may mean I will possibly have to work a full time and part time job to cover my living expenses and pay off the debt.  This is going limit the time I can spend with the radio station for now and I ask you to be patient if at times some parts of the automation end up acting a little strange at times and Public Service Announcements or Commercials don't fire properly.  If that happens while I am at work, I will resolve the problem as soon as I return home.  

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