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Welcome to the new website for WNKC AM 1620 in Covington, Kentucky.  

WNKC AM is a legal, unlicensed Part 15 AM radio station authorized by the Federal Communications Commission to broadcast with one tenth of one watt of power with a small antenna.  WNKC AM replaces the former WIMP AM and its Smooth Jazz format with a Talk format.  

The majority of our shows are being aried from the Genesesis Communications Network (GCN).  We'll tweak the program schedule in the months ahead and may add and delete a couple of existing shows.  We'll publish the hourly program schedule here on the site within a couple of weeks.

In the near future we'll insert the local weather forecasts into our daily broadcast schedule as  a service to the local listeners.  Please visit the site for future updates.

The Latest Station News

October 11, 2020.  

This past weeks several upgrades to the sound chain were added.  Better audio cables were added that have a smoother sound.  The new Audio Processor was added and  has improved the punch or loudness of the audio while still helping it to remain clean as possible despite the problems with the humming sound from the nearby power lines and Smart Meter on this property and an adjacent property.

At this point I don't believe it is going to be possible to improve the quality of the station sound any further due to the issues created by the hum in our audio chain.  Having upgraded the computer with the automation software along with the other upgrades mentioned are probably all that can be done at this point to make the audio at least listenable.

More News

October 11, 2020.

Now that the automation system appears to be functioning properly and the audio system upgraded to the best possible sound given the current conditions, I will be looking at adding some weather forecasts to the daily programs by November.  

Still More News

October 11, 2020.

Due to the recent power outage and subsequent loss of the internet feed for about 15 minutes I am planning to improve the backup power source for when the power goes out.  Thankfully the current back up battery handled it well but in case a longer outage occurs, a better backup will be required.  

Please be aware that Internet service drops are beyond our control and do present a problem when more than a few seconds in length.  Disruptions to the feed from GCN can result in dead air for the remaming time lefft in an hour for a given show and the GCN feed won't resume feeding our shows until the following hour starting with the USA Radio Network news.  

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